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Why Obama is a sellout.

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Why Obama is a sellout.

by   MorganSloath

I think more than a hypocrite – he’s a sellout.

Nader said it best though (I’m paraphrasing):

“The only difference between Reps & Dems is the velocity in which they kneel for corporations”.

Repubs are shameless in how fast they bend over backwards for the rich, the military industrial and the prison industrial complexes, & for lobbyists or rich pals.

Dems do it too, but they’re slower to do it. Dems are under the same corrupt forces that the GOP are. But the Dems still derive some of their power from unions & civil rights groups. The influence from unions & civil rights groups has dwindled over the years & the influence of big money has been slowing taking over.

Both parties are moving this nation relatively in the same direction. It’s just that one does it faster than the other. The Dems are a lesser evil, but they are still ‘evil’ and I really think Obama is part of this ‘evil’. He’s just as much at the whim of Wall Street, our policy of neo-liberalism and interventionism, the military and prison industrial complexes, etc.. as any other leader and he caves to them just the same.

Chomsky stated;

“in the US, there is basically one party – the business party. It has two factions called the Democrats & Republicans, which are somewhat different but carry out variations of the same policies. By & large, I am oppossed to those policies.”

I find this largely to be true as well and when you look at the “BIG PICTURE” & scope of political theory & thought – Dems & Repubs are near identical. Not identical – but near.

Obama is not all that different than Bush. Has the drug war ended? Did the idea of czars go away? Sure Obama has less czars than Bush – but their entire point is to bypass Congress and to shift more unchecked power into the executive branch. Obama’s take on Iraq is MORE right wing than Bush’s – he privatized the fucking thing. We’re still in Afghanistan & now in Libya. While Libya was handled far more responsibly than Iraq – lets get real. The reason we’re helping these rebels & not other rebels, is because Libya has oil and Libya isn’t a powerful ally of ours.

Guantanamo is still open.. He’s blocked UN Human Rights investigations into Guantanamo. He dropped charges against the CIA for destroying videotapes documenting torture of detainees. Obama has protected the Bush administration from prosecution for torture.

He has lobbyists in his administration. He, at Biden’s influence no doubt, has stacked the DOJ with RIAA lawyers..

He authorized the assassination of U.S. citizens abroad.. He rescinded on his promise to not prosecute marijuana users in states where it is legal, & pushed for a 5 year prison term for a California-legal medical marijuana dispensary operator.. He prosecuted child-soldier Omar Khadr using evidence gained through torture.

He granted 27 waivers to oil companies drilling in the weeks following the Deepwater Horizon disaster. He fought for, & won, the right to deny habeas corpus to detainees..

He extended the PATRIOT Act, with no reforms.. He shifted on FISA long ago pissing off his base.

He increased government secrecy, denying more Freedom of Information Act requests in 2009 than Bush did in 2008. So much for open government.. When the people try to get information on their own – how does his administration react? Well just ask Bradley Manning – and he’ll be sure to tell you all about Obama’s support of his inhumane treatment. Obama has tried playing down the importance of the Wiki leaks cables as well. He talks about open government, but talk is all that it is.

He cut a secret deal to kill the public option, while still campaigning on its behalf.. Never mind the fact that he came to the table starting with the compromise.

He granted waivers to 30 companies, including McDonalds, exempting them from health care reform.

He announced the single largest arms deal in history, of $60bil worth of arms, to Saudi Arabian dictatorship.. He has continued policy of supporting Israel financially, he has not recognized the Palestinian state, & like promised on the campaign trail he has not recognized the Armenian genocide for fear of offending leaders in Turkey who deny the genocide to this day.

He gave permits to BP & other oil companies, exempting them from environmental protection laws.

He appointed Monsanto executive Michael Taylor to the FDA.. Gotta love that revolving door between corrupt industry & our regulatory bodies. But to add insult to injury, he appointed a former Monsanto lobbyist as Chief Agriculture Negotiator.

He increased the use of combat drones in Pakistan..

He passed a massive Wall Street bailout at the expense of the taxpayers.

He pushed for mandatory DNA testing for those arrested for crimes, even if they have not been convicted., which seems right in line with this bullshit of allowing cops the right to GPS track people without a warrant. .

He passed the Bush tax cuts for two more years in the middle of a fucking recession.

When debating the upcoming budget, he agreed to cut funding for heating assistance, Head start, & a number of programs for those who have the least. Repubs came to the table with a 33 billion dollar demand. Obama met them all the way & then the GOP & Tea Party played good-cop/bad-cop & the Dems/Obama ended up giving them MORE than what they initially asked for. The only thing of value they were able to save was fucking Planned Parenthood funding. NASCAR & Liberty University though – still remain well funded by the US Govt.

He has undercuts whistle blowers.. His FCC caved on Net Neutrality.

What’d we get out of Obama as liberals? Him being wishy washy on the gay issue until finally pushing to end DOMA?

The reality is – Dems with Obama at the helm, at one point had a super majority in Congress & they got little accomplished. Then that got whittled down to just a plain majority – & still got little accomplished. Now they’ve lost their majority in the House & the Repubs – controlling only half of one fucking branch, are steam rolling over them on every issue. The Dems aren’t even putting up a fight. Obama isn’t putting up a fight.

This is the illusion of choice. The Dems are there to pacify us. To calm us, sate us for the time being – they are not there to bring around any change to the way government is done what-so-ever. They are there to flick a few crumbs to the passionate liberal base to keep them from uprising, that’s it.

Chomsky also stated

“The smart way to keep people passive & obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum.”

That’s virtually the entire function of the Democrat party. To ensure there’s a lively debate between them & that which is supposedly their opponent. If not for the small amount of pull with unions & civil rights groups, Dems would be even more indistinguishable from Repubs than they are currently.

I don’t equate the two parties as a means to tell people “don’t bother voting” – but I do this to get people to stop voting for the Republocrats. Vote Green, vote Independent. Vote for people who are happy to be public servants, rather than self serving lifetime politicians. People who don’t back down, people who stand for something other than their own wealth & power. People who will fall on their sword over an issue because it’s right.

People voted for Obama b/c they bought into the message, rather than what his record showed. The majority of people who voted for Obama in 2008 got suckered.

This is what happens when you vote for the lesser evil – you still get evil.

Note: most of the links here were compiled by a redditor at another time.


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